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Gearbox to accelerate Ultra HD proliferation

Semtech’s GS12070 UHD-SDI gearbox is a standalone fully integrated conversion solution that the company claimed will accelerate the proliferation of Ultra HD infrastructure in the broadcast television industry.

A four-input and four-output device, the GS12070 converts between HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G UHD-SDI and 12G UHD-SDI.

The GS12070 also mitigates infrastructure level interoperability issues between different UHD-SDI profiles. It enables manufacturers and broadcasters to reuse existing SDI infrastructures, thus lowering costs and accelerating the transition to Ultra HD broadcasting, claimed Semtech.

UHD-SDI is standardised by both SMPTE and the ITU.The GS12070’s support for standardised interfaces is critical for the rapid deployment of UHD TV, stated Semtech.