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GB Labs: Entering HyperSpace

The new HyperSpace technology from GB Labs is bringing broadcasters and post facilities a new option in storage.

HyperSpace uses SSD enhancement technology to accelerate its Space tier 1 HDD system. It gives users the “capacity of the HDD range with the levels of performance that the company’s SSD range can provide,” the company claims.

“Many of our customers require large capacities – up to 1.7PB – and very high performance for demanding media applications and large workgroups,” said Ben Pearce, sales and marketing director. “Our new Space HDD platform has fulfilled these needs for most clients. However certain deployments require DPX image sequence capabilities or very large HD stream counts for concurrent editing, transcoding and rendering. The random access capabilities of HyperSpace are ideally suited to these environments.”

Unlike the earlier generation of hybrid HDD / SSD disk systems that were designed for general IT deployments, HyperSpace is aimed at “heavy duty” usage in media environments.