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GB Labs: 4K for DITs

The new 4K Duo On-Set, an on-set storage platform enabling ingest and data backup designed to support third party editing systems, is being demonstrated by GB Labs.

“It opens up the potential for 4K platform sharing in the field, with the option for editors, audio technicians and colourists to work simultaneously on the same project. With multiple clients connecting using 10Gb Ethernet, this will deliver significant time savings and help the director to shape the production as never before,” the company explained.

4K Duo On-Set features an 8TB SSD-based RAID that the company claimed can sustain performance levels above 2000MBps. The system also includes dual LTO-6 drives that can be used to auto-replicate new files to tape; with the drives running at their full speed (a combined performance of 320MBps, according to GB Labs), twin 2.5TB tapes can back up files as they are imported into the system as well as automatically replicate ongoing projects. The company reported that for ingest, 4K Duo On-Set also features twin SSD disk readers that can import data at 500MBps.

“Most DIT carts are ill-equipped for high bitrate 4K. Ingest is slow, primary storage lacks realtime editing performance and back-ups are unsafe. With 4K Duo On-Set, it’s like having a post facility on set. It’s fast and safe, and includes advanced features to verify data ingest and export, re-format cards and work effectively with third party editing, transcoding and grading tools,” asserted Ben Pearce, sales and marketing director of GB Labs.