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Gateway to location connectivity opened by Dejero

The idea of “ubiquitous connectivity” is key to Dejero’s new Live+ Gateway, which provides fast, reliable and secure access to both public internet and private networks wherever you are. “So, sitting in your truck is the same as sitting in your office,” said Bogdan Frusina, Dejero’s founder and CTO.

The system has been trialled by two US networks for the last 18 months “with a high success rate,” and will be generally available by NAB. “Having fast, reliable IP connectivity will deliver new applications and enable better workflows than have been possible before, because the connectivity didn’t exist,” said Frusina. “All your files, and everything else, becomes local storage.”

It aggregates all available bandwidth, and if a fibre line, satellite and cellular service are all connected to the Gateway, and one of them goes down, “you won’t notice.” It can also send priority traffic, such as video or voiceover the lowest latency path, but less essential traffic, such as Facebook, via the least cost path.

It features “faster connections, built-in intelligence, easy set up and cloud management,” and is claimed to offer five times the throughput of existing systems.