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The future will be software-defined

Having spent over a decade working in the IP world prior to being named CEO by Imagine Communications, it’s no surprise Charlie Vogt has long been a proponent of the technology.

“We said four years ago that IP was the future – and that content owners would soon be going direct to consumers,” he smiled. “That didn’t make us popular – but that seems to be how things are working out.”

He cites the maturity of the internet and the cloud as being compelling reasons why those are the directions in which the content industry needed to move.

“Our job, in a rapidly changing world, is to help our traditional clients remain relevant in a market that is continually presenting them with new threats – and new opportunities,” said Vogt.

“We need to help them deploy technologies that give them the agility and flexibility they need to change as the industry changes.”

Vogt sees software as being central to how Imagine can achieve its mission.

The company’s Open Zenium Microservices is an example of this, enabling users to transition in a manner that’s unique to their needs – but without the time and cost of custom development.