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‘Future-proof’ platform for IP

The AR-61 demodulator for transport stream applications has been announced, part of the A-Series IP modem, demodulator and modulator family.

The AR-61 is designed to provide high-quality video transmission with minimal satellite bandwidth occupation. According to the company, it is ideal for professional video contribution and distribution use cases. Offering compliance with DVB-S2X, DVB-S2 and DVB-S, the platform is claimed to be entirely future-proof, enabling seamless migration to next-generation infrastructures and evolution to advanced functionalities for operators relying on legacy standards.

Upgrades are possible via software licensing.

For operators looking to transition to an all-IP workflow, Work Microwave also offers the AX-60 IP modem, AR-60 IP demodulator and AT-60 IP modulator high-performance platforms for IP trunking and network infrastructure applications.

Work Microwave said its devices are deployed by operators worldwide to support a range of applications within the satellite broadcast and satellite communications markets, including SNG/contribution, direct-to-home, IP networking, teleport management, governmental, and more.

According to the company, its analogue and satcom solutions enable operators to dramatically increase their flexibility, bandwidth and margins while reducing operational costs.