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Future-proof FM codec

The Intraplex IP Link MPXp is making its European debut, leveraging the strengths of previous IP Link codecs, including GatesAir’s Dynamic Stream Splicing technology. This can mitigate IP packet loss and eliminate off-air time, and takes advantage of forward error correction and a trio of network interfaces for optimal stream reliability. It also empowers broadcasters with more signal transport options from a single box at historically low bitrates, said GatesAir.

The initial April release of the MPXp significantly cut bandwidth consumption for uncompressed AES-192 digital composite signal transport. The latest release further reduces those bitrates from 1.8Mbps to 1.65Mbps.

This bandwidth efficiency opens more headroom for increased packet protection, as well as additional audio and data services, said GatesAir.

The company claimed that Intraplex IP Link MPXp is the first FM MPX IP codec to support – separately or together – AES 192 digital and analogue composite signals over a secure and reliable digital IP path from
a single codec.

The dual-domain capability allows the broadcaster to install a newer audio processor supporting AES-192 and have it interoperate with an exciter supporting only analogue composite signal interfaces. This not only provides a transitional path for a future digital exciter upgrade, but also enhances signal quality by keeping it in the digital domain across the IP path.