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Fusion HD secure DRM

Not only does Fusion HD provide the high security levels required by Hollywood Studios to distribute HD content, but it also offers the flexibility that most other DRM solutions on the market do not. That’s according to Inside Secure, which has a demo of the brand-new Fusion HD at IBC.

It is the latest implementation of Microsoft PlayReady Digital Rights Management (DRM) with over-the-air security upgrade capabilities.

According to the company, the security level offered by this solution enables the distribution of HD premium movies “that meets the most up to date requirements of Hollywood studios. Moreover, this new product is one of the first in the industry which is fully downloadable for the high levels of security required in this market. It includes levels of security for the life of the device that were not previously available.”

A Trusted Application Manager is said to significantly increase the security of the system. In fact, if the Trusted Application security level is compromised by a new attack introduced by content pirates, a new version of the security solution with reinforced countermeasures can immediately be downloaded over-the-air.