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Funbox opens in UHD

SPI International, a global pay-TV channel operator, is presenting its recently unveiled worldwide native 4K TV channel.

A first for the company, the free-to-air demo version of the Funbox 4K UHD channel is broadcast from the Hot Bird satellite.

Berk Uziyel, executive director for Filmbox International and SPI International Group, said, “The response has been overwhelming. We’ve been in serious talks with a number of platforms in the US, the UK, France and Russia but we are also working on several distribution agreements with potential partners in Indonesia, Portugal, Thailand, Latin America, Switzerland, Turkey and Canada.”

FunBox 4K UHD is designed to enable viewers to experience more nuance and detail, faster frame rates, contrast dynamics and extended colours.

“We are becoming one of the largest native 4K/UHD content aggregator in the world,” Uziyel added. “In addition to wildlife documentaries, some of the eye-popping content on our channel also presents the San Francisco skyline, the amazing study of cloud movements and skylight as well as the UHD footage of Asian cities by night.”

The full commercial version of the channel will debut this autumn as an encrypted offer for cable and IP headends in Germany and across Europe.