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Fujifilm Europe: 4K PL-mount zoom lens

The new PL-mount Fujinon ZK12x25 Cabrio lens has the optical performance to support 4K cameras with Super 35mm sensors, and is claimed to offer an industry-leading zoom ratio of 12x to cover the most frequently used 25mm wide angle to 300mm on the telephoto end.

The ZK12x25 uses high-precision large-diameter aspheric elements, and the use of the three moving zoom group system minimises aberration fluctuation during zooming, controls image distortion across the zoom range, and delivers edge-to-edge sharpness. Its Macro function lets users approach objects as close as 59cm.

Like the rest of the Cabrio range, it will be compatible with a detachable servo drive unit for zooming, focusing and iris.

“The range of the ZK12 makes it ideal for sports and wildlife productions,” said Stefan Czich of Fujinon distributor Pyser-SGI. Although the lens is new at IBC, it has already been used on some high profile events, including the Commonwealth Games.