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Free Viewpoint TV Project: Holo-projection Star Wars this is

The moment when Luke Skywalker replays a holographic recording of Princess Leia from the memory banks of R2D2 has become a cultural touchstone for future media. Lately it has been replaced by the holodeck virtual reality from Star Trek: TNG, but standards body MPEG still clings to the LucasFilm original and at IBC will present advances in it attempt to create an 360-degree image for viewing on a portable 3D display.
Free Viewpoint Television (FTV) is seen as revolutionary by MPEG which is coordinating international standardisation efforts. The concept is to enable users to view a 3D world by freely changing their viewpoint as if they were actually present.

“FTV has two major target applications: super mulitiview and free navigation,” explained spokesperson Masayuki Tanimoto. “In the super multiview application, users can enjoy immersive 3D experience, viewing glasses-free 3D displays with very wide viewing area. In the free navigation application, users can enjoy walk-through or fly-through experience of natural 3D scenes. These FTV applications will revolutionise the viewing of 3D scenes.”

Demonstrated in the Future Zone is a 360-degree viewable 3D display, a Holo-Table and a Holo-Deck.