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Four stars in the sky

IBC is proving to be an ideal opportunity for this Russian satellite operator to tell the industry about its capabilities. Gazprom operates the Yamal Satellite Communication System, providing users with satellite capacity worldwide and satellite services within Russia, including point-to-point links, TV distribution, VSAT networks, broadband and mobile backhaul.

The system currently consists of four satellites (Yamal-202, Yamal-300K, Yamal-401, Yamal-402), a telecommunication centre and VSAT networks. Total satellite constellation capacity amounts to 248 36MHz-equivalent transponders.

Around a third of GSS satellite capacity is concentrated in beams pointed over territories outside Russia.

Yamal-202 (49E), with its semi-global C-band coverage (Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa, South and South East Asia) is focused mainly on the international market. Yamal-401 (90E) is designed to serve the Russian market and CIS countries.

The satellite covers even the most isolated regions in Russia, providing C and Ku-band capacity.

Yamal-402 (55E) covers Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, and part of the Middle East and Africa to the south of the Sahara. The satellite’s southern beam brings enhanced capacity to Africa and is said to be ideal for supporting DTH services.

Yamal-300K is now located at 183E, and is equipped with a combined payload including 11 C-band and 18 Ku-band 72MHz transponders.