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Focusing on content control

Verizon Digital Media Services is showcasing its Smartplay by Verizon technology, a one-to-one session management system, and the Volicon Media Intelligence service, which records and stores broadcast content across multiple interfaces. The latter has been updated to include the proprietary Slicer application from Verizon Digital Media Services.

The company emphasised that Smartplay is developed to make it “easier and more economical” for content providers to launch and operate OTT services. Meanwhile, the Volicon Media Intelligence service brings together traditional broadcasting and OTT delivery, “in turn reducing the cost and complexity of multiplatform delivery”.

Deployed at more than 1,000 broadcast locations worldwide, the Volicon Media Intelligence service supports interfaces including SDI, transport stream and analogue, for purposes of monitoring, compliance and review. The Slicer application gives broadcasters the ability to ingest video, encode it into multiple bit-rate profiles, encrypt it and distribute it via OTT or VoD services, as well as through web and social media sharing platforms.