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Focus on wideband modulator

A new DVB-S2X wideband modulator, claimed to be perfect for wideband transponder applications – in particular, those operating in the Ka-band, single carrier mode – is being shown by Work Microwave. The DVB-S2X wideband modulator is based on DVB-S2 multistream technology and supports features such as wideband time slicing, allowing economic design of receiver chips. New features from the DVB-S2X standard extension, such as low roll-off and super frames, are also supported.

By merging transport streams and IP streams with GSE encapsulation into one multiplex, the modulator is said to allow broadcast and broadband applications to exist in parallel on the same transponder.

The company’s range of fixed frequency block converters is also being demonstrated. Based on a compact, modular design that allows operators to support up to four channels in XL outdoor housing or within indoor 19-inch housing, the multichannel block converters are said to be effective at lowering operational expenses and saving valuable space.

Leveraging the converter’s four-channel design, Work claimed that satellite operators have access to the full capacity of the Ka-band, spanning 27GHz to 31GHz. According to the company, the frequency converter series is the ideal solution for operators looking to expand their satellite capacity into next-generation spectrums like Ka-band to support high-bandwidth telecommunications and broadcast services.

WorkMicrowave’s synthesised block converters are also on display at IBC2015. Said to be block c Q-band-ready, and spanning 33GHz to 50GHz, the company says they allow operators to meet the growing consumer demand for high-bandwidth telecommunications and broadcast services.