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Focus tracking in Motion

A motion-tracking system that automatically maintains sharp focus on any subject in a shot, even if both the subject and the camera are moving, is the promise of Andra Motion Focus. It can track multiple subjects and quickly switch focus between them with an App or Hand Unit. It should be particularly useful for making reality or documentary shows look cinematic without marks to hit or a focus puller.

The subject wears a transmitter, while the camera has a receiver attached, and while prototype versions of the system were designed for studio use, the latest release can be used on location, with either an on-camera set up for single shooter use or a boom system for more complex requirements. The system also has more natural, smoother focus pulling and tighter tracking of fast-moving objects.

The new Arc Elite Hand Unit has a 6-inch 1080p touchscreen and allows users to do everything a traditional manual wireless follow focus does, as well as control the Motion Focus system.

The whole system has also been made easier and more efficient to use, with users easily able to override any focus point by eye, plus internal dual band Wi-Fi for improved stability, and rapid lens calibration. The latter allows for virtual witness marks that compensate for poor back focus. All component weights have also been substantially reduced.