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Focus on file-based workflows

The latest versions of Emotion Systems’s eFF and Engine will be on show in Amsterdam.

The tools let users open a range of video and audio files as well as make measurements and adjustments and handle transcoding without conversion to baseband. Supported file formats include MXF, P2, LXF, QuickTime, WAV, AIFF and DPP, as well as files with Dolby E.

eFF provides audio loudness compliance to a range of standards and can be used in multiple workflows including standalone, automatic watch folder and fully automatic through API integration.

Engine allows automated file-based audio workflows for loudness, Dolby E encoding and decoding and track replication. It is controlled by use of a ReSTful API and can be integrated with MAM systems.

Said Emotion CEO, MC Patel: “We have worked very closely with our customers to understand the audio issues they have with file-based workflows and this closeness has allowed us to engineer systems that are functional, cost effective and scalable.”