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Flight-safe battery cases

Two new battery flight cases from Blueshape are claimed to be the first UN-certified, fully IATA-compliant cases in the industry for shipping lithium-ion batteries greater than 100Wh by air cargo more safely.

The cases have an impact-resistant outer shell and high-density cushioning foam interior to eliminate any chance of contact, as each battery is segregated in individual compartments. When a Blueshape battery is shipped in the case with the provided contact covers in place, the chance of damage during flight is claimed to be zero.

The number of batteries allowed in each case complies with UN 3480 regulations.

The BX4 takes four batteries and is designed to work with Blueshape’s Granite and Granite Two models: BV270HD, BV190HD, BV270HD Splash, BV190HD Splash and BV225; while the five-battery BX5 is for the BV090, BV100HD, BV150, BV180 and BV100HD Splash – it can be used for carrying batteries on board at check-in provided all the batteries are below 100Wh.

The cases are marked with the UN 3480 designation, the required Class 9 warning and CAO placard.