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Flexible and secure

The Silent Brick Library is a flexible storage architecture based on commercially available hard disks, which FAST LTA contends stores data so securely that no further backup is necessary. The Munich-based successor to FAST Multimedia said it has combined an entire array of technologies in order to keep pace with the low marginal costs still afforded by tape, without having to pass up the advantages of fast hard disks.

The result is a portable storage medium, the Silent Brick, able to store up to 16TB of user data secured by erasure coding at quadruple redundancy. Data is stored on these self-contained storage containers, each having 12 hard disks and protected against data loss by three advanced security technologies: Erasure Coding, Digital Audit and Disk Mix.

The Erasure Coding technology ensures that up to four of the 12 hard disks can fail without any data being lost. Digital Audit independently and regularly checks the stored data, while mixing disks from three different hard disk models adds an extra layer of protection against data loss due to epidemic failure. 8.A01