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Flexible FM monitoring

The new A30 system is equipped with two professional FM tuners able to be used independently. Operators can, for example, use the two tuners to simultaneously monitor two FM stations day and night, but can also let the second tuner monitor up to 30 broadcasting stations using its scan mode in round robin fashion. When in scan mode, the system lets operators effortlessly configure station order and measurement time via the new user-friendly web interface.

The A30 features an audio input (which can be monitored), one MPX input (which can be monitored in parallel to the two tuner signals), two audio and MPX outputs and two MP3 streams, allowing monitoring audio from a distance.

In addition, the A30 can also work as a back-up rebroadcast receiver, monitoring the external input signal and in the case of signal degradation, switch the output source to one of the internal FM tuners.

If the signal degradation is no longer existent, the A30 automatically shifts back to the external input source.