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Flexible fan-free Fresnels

A new range of passively cooled LED Fresnels is being introduced by Nanguang. The CN-F series lights include both Wi-Fi and DMX control, have no fan (for silent operation) and boast a CRI of 95.

The initial range includes: the 30W CN-30F, 60W CN-60F and 100W CN-100F (all of which require 12-16v DC or 100-230v AC power), and the 200W CN-200F, which takes 54v DC or 100-230v AC power.

The high output lights all offer 5600K and 3200K colour temperatures, use Fresnel lenses that can be adjusted to change the light angle, take battery and AC power, and can be used as more than just a Fresnel LED light, as users can fit an adapter that allows the mounting of flash accessories, such as a soft box, to control the light effect.

Options include diffusing hood, Bowen-mount adapter, 2.4G remote controller, Wi-Fi control box for smartphone app control and a soft box.

A Nanguang CN-400F model is in development, and higher brightness models are promised.