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Flexibility is a Plus for 800W Fresne

The Alpha 800 Plus from K5600 is claimed to be the first 800W Fresnel on the market. It uses a 175mm Fresnel lens (more commonly found on 1200W Fresnels), and like the larger Alphas, it should offer high-quality light and shadow. It is compact and lightweight, with interchangeable lenses, giving users more options than just flood and spot (the beam angle can range from 6º to 110° depending on its configuration).

The ‘Plus’ in the name means it can be equipped with a PAR reflector, thanks to a newly developed K5600 G22 90° socket that allows users to move the lamp from a vertical position to horizontal. Users can quickly replace the bulb using the 90° angle socket and slide in the PAR beamer, ready to receive the lenses or a Softube. The Alpha Plus also has a new braking system and a yoke offering four different positions: vertical, horizontal and at 45° front and back. The 800W Plus can be fitted with either 3200K or 5600K discharge bulbs for more versatility.

It can be operated pointing straight down (at 90°) thanks to the design of its ventilation system and its small, flat reflector, and comes with a dimmable ballast that can
run at 300Hz or 1000Hz frequency for flicker-free high-speed shooting.

Also new is the Bug-A-Beam 1600W, which builds on the success of the existing 400W and 800W versions.