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Flemish ingenuity at IBC2016

More than 20 companies from Flanders are presenting their products and smart solutions, anticipating the rapid digital and consumer-driven developments in the broadcast industry.

Appiness has created a platform that allows broadcasters to enrich any content with metadata, so that their viewers can interact with that content and can buy what they see.

Also exhibiting is Small Town Heroes, selected as a finalist for the IBC2016 Innovation Awards, which transformed Ketnet, the children’s channel from VRT in Belgium, into an interactive, curated online experience.

TinkerList, the first unified platform for creative television makers is represented here, as is UnitronGroup, an international group of companies, offering state of the art headend technologies and digital TV accessories for providing TV distribution to multi-dwelling and residential buildings.

Limecraft is showing ready-to-use applications and workflow solutions to studios, post production facilities and broadcasters, while OpenTelly, is demonstrating THEOplayer, an HTML5 based video player for streaming content on the web.

Also on stand are Luminex Lighting Control Equipment, a manufacturer of high tech data distribution equipment for the professional entertainment industry, and SDNsquare, which guarantees performance, reliability and scalability for network, storage and data centres.