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Flash and SSD storage showcase

Pride of place on the Toshiba stand are its latest Flash technologies (i.e. raw SLC and managed eMMC/ UFS NAND flash
memory-based components) for distributing and buffering digital content.

Toshiba has also brought its line-up of SSDs, aimed at movie and still picture rendering and post production with high bandwidth and high workloads. They are recommended for datacentre-type applications.

Visitors are also able to view Toshiba’s storage equipment made up of both mobile HDD and SSDs. Overall, this includes models for video surveillance data, still pictures and movie archives.

Also, Toshiba is highlighting its latest PCI-Express NVMe SSDs and the ZFS Storage cluster with TB capacity that the company said reaches into the hundreds. The demonstration is supported by partner Open-E and its Jovian DSS storage software.