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Fischer Connectors: A certified performance

Fischer Connectors extended its Fischer FiberOptic Series with a new and revolutionary hybrid connector: a solution with two fibre channels and two electrical contacts in one small high performance connector. This connecting solution will be showcased during IBC at Fischer Connectors’ booth.

The production of television programmes worldwide has seen a major technical evolution over the last years. A trend in broadcast connecting solutions is the use of fibre optic for transmitting data fast and flawlessly.

The number of fibre optic connecting solutions in the industry is increasing drastically and more and more production companies start to use this technology. This is mainly driven by the HD video signals that require very high data rates that only fibre optic technology can deliver. Broadcasters that are getting ready for the future invest in fibre optic now.

With the use of fibre optics for data transfer, the need for power supply still remains. Our Fischer FiberOptic Series hybrid allows you to transmit both electrical power and fibre optic data flawlessly through one connector. This offers you the advantage of lighter, cheaper and more compact connector integrations.

The Fischer FiberOptic Series is offered as a pre-cabled solution to guarantee the highest possible performances. Fischer Connectors certifies performances of all its cable assemblies.

The new Fischer FiberOptic Series hybrid connector is perfectly suitable for broadcast applications as designers that opt for this new hybrid connector are saving space, money and reducing design and installation time. The new solution offers premium optical performance in all environments, indoor or outdoor. The Fischer FiberOptic hybrid is the product range extension the broadcast market was waiting for.

Presented at IBC last year, the Fischer FiberOptic Series with two or four fibre channels is already starting to be well-used in the broadcast industry. This high performance rugged connecting solution is not only suitable for camera connections, but also for general equipment and accessories for any type of broadcast applications, like all of the other products Fischer Connectors offers.

Similar to the Fischer FiberOptic Series FO2 and FO4, the Fischer FiberOptic Series Hybrid FOH 2-2 benefits from a mono-block mate adapter for easy access to ferrules giving the possibility for easy field cleaning and maintenance. Another key feature of the Fischer FiberOptic hybrid solution is that the connector has an ingress protection of IP68 mated and IP67 unmated (Norm IEC 60529).

Fischer Connectors, founded by the Swiss engineer Walter Werner Fischer in 1954, has established a long-term partnership between the company and the broadcast industry over the last 60 years. Our primary design and manufacturing facilities are located in Saint-Prex, Switzerland. Consisting with eight subsidiaries and a large group of certified distributors located worldwide, our distribution network is designed to offer you premium services and reactivity.