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First uncompressed video over IP audio monitor

The new PAM-IP range from TSL Products is being showcased at IBC. It is designed to smooth the transition to an IP-based workflow.

The PAM-IP range can monitor video, audio and its associated metadata from either a traditional 3G-SDI connection or a SMPTE 2022-6 IP stream.

It is designed to work in a hybrid environment where an SDI-, AES- and analogue-based infrastructure can be monitored alongside an IP-based infrastructure.

Pieter Schillebeeckx, product director at TSL Products, said: “PAM-IP is part of our strategy for monitoring in a hybrid world. At TSL, we recognise that the transition to an all-IP environment will not be immediate.

For the foreseeable future at least, infrastructures will be hybrids where existing standards and technologies co-exist and interoperate with the new.

“With the new PAM-IP range, our customers are able to utilise their existing equipment alongside their IP infrastructure, safe in the knowledge that the PAM-IP is capable of evolving with new video and audio over IP standards and protocols as they mature,” he said.

On the protocols, he added: “2022-6 is wonderful, but there’s no control element to it; you need something that manages all these connections and SMPTE 2110 should allow that.”

Work began on 2110 in January this year, to develop a set of standards specifying the carriage, synchronisation and description of separate elementary essence streams over IP for live production.

It should include NMOS, according to Schillebeeckx, which will enable broadcasters to identify compatible devices to make connections anywhere on the network.

Customers can now monitor uncompressed video and audio over IP without superfluous format conversion hardware transition to an all-IP workflow.