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First dual 40Gig probe launched

Making its worldwide debut at IBC2016 is the new VB440V 40 dual Gigabit probe, which is said by Bridge Technologies to be the first of its type in the world. Sitting alongside the company’s VB330V 10 Gigabit probe, the VB440 responds to the acceleration in customer demand for 40GB infrastructure.

With line-speed 40G performance and what Bridge describes as a massive multiprocessor architecture, the VB440V is said to be able to deliver monitoring and analytics of thousands of streams and a multitude of technologies in real-time and in parallel. According to the company, the

VB440V utilises the same visual and intuitive approach to monitoring and analytics as Bridge’s other probes.

Simen K Frostad, chairman of Bridge Technologies, said: “As the market adapts to an IP-based infrastructure, customer personnel are on a steep learning curve.

The VB440V’s interface is designed, not just to show data, but to enable users to fully understandwhat the data means – giving them the confidence necessary to implement appropriate corrective measures where necessary.”

Two 40GB interfaces are provided by the VB440V. This allows customers to configure two 40GB routers in, for example, an OB truck, to provide the redundancy for fully failsafe operation utilising the SMPTE 2022.7 redundancy standard.