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Filmlight: Latest versions of FLIP, Baselight

The FilmLight IBC exhibit includes a new version of its FLIP realtime image processor for on-set work, Baselight Editions, and the latest version of Baselight with high dynamic range support for the new Dolby Vision format.

The new version of Baselight software also includes direct DCP rendering and ACES 1.0 support.
Baselight Editions takes the colour processing engine from full Baselight workstations and implements it as a plugin within certain editing and VFX packages. That currently includes Avid, Final Cut Pro and Nuke; additional support is planned.

“Whether they are involved in Hollywood blockbusters or high-pressure television production, all our clients tell us that workflow is critical,” said Wolfgang Lempp, co-founder of FilmLight. “Collaborative working is not only more creatively satisfying, it is the best way to get the project finalised and out the door. The result is that audiences see the best possible quality and creativity, and our customers can take on more business.

“Creative professionals can work where and when best suits the needs of their production, knowing that all their decisions are securely captured and preserved in the final deliverables,” he added.