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Fibre optic rollout simplified

Two new fibre optic accessories that should simplify the rollout of fibre for broadcast applications have been introduced by Fischer Connectors. The new daisy chaining and loopback accessories, coupled with the Fischer FiberOptic Series, are designed to making fibre optic deployment and transmission testing in the field much easier.

The daisy chaining adapter connects the plugs on each reel, enabling several reels to be connected quickly and seamlessly. The loopback offers a shortcut to speed up testing, so that even someone working alone can ensure everything is in perfect working order; by shining a light down the first fibre, you can check if light appears on the second fibre, without having to walk right to the end to take a look.

The accessories come with Fischer Connectors’ pre-configured FiberOptic reels of any required length, making them a more convenient and flexible turnkey system.

Jacques Miéville, FiberOptic product manager, Fischer Connectors, said “We’ve developed these new accessories to meet broadcasters’ specific challenges. They told us they waste a lot of time setting up the reels and going backwards and forwards checking that everything works properly. Our new fibre optic solution is easy to use, fast to deploy, and highly reliable in terms of performance.”

The Fischer FiberOptic Series come pre-cabled, with a removable sleeve holder (monobloc mate adapter) and a push-pull locking system, making them easy to connect, disconnect, and disassemble for quick field cleaning and maintenance.

They are available in two versions: a fibre optic connector with two or four fibres, or a hybrid connector with two fibre channels and two electrical contacts.