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FCC access for Anvato

TV Everywhere platform provider Anvato recently announced that its turnkey video platform is fully compliant with the latest FCC closed-captioning mandates, as per the agency’s 11 July ruling regarding online broadcast of short-form clips that aired on television.
Anvato’s technology makes multi-language captions compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, as well as customisable and searchable in the video player.

The platform provides an end-to-end closed-captioning solution that supports more than 180 languages and all popular text file formats. Using a combination of in-band and out-of-band ingest methods, all live and on-demand content managed in the Anvato platform can support multi-language captioning data.

When a file for a specific language is added to the media content platform, the language instantly becomes available for users to select in the player’s closed caption menu. The use of on-premises and cloud resources also enables broadcasters to caption back-catalogue content for compliance with the regulation that begins phasing in 1 January 2016.