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FASPStream aims to enhance long-distance ingest, playout

New streaming protocol Aspera FASPStream is able to expand Aspera’s FASP transport technology for live and near-live data streaming.

According to Aspera, FASP’s patented transport protocol achieves highly efficient bulk data transfer over IP networks, independent of distance and quality (round-trip latency and packet loss). The company explained that FASPStream expands this capability to provide a fully reliable streaming protocol for in-order data delivery over Internet WANs with “excellent quality and negligible start-up delay”.

This enables media companies to achieve long-distance ingest, remote playout, and even distribution of live video to playout systems running FASPStream, said Aspera.

Also on show is Aspera’s Direct-to-Cloud Storage transfer capability, developed to move 4K media formats from source directly to object storage destination with native I/O for major cloud storage providers. The new version brings new capabilities to Aspera on Demand products, including server-side encryption at rest, in addition to client side and in-transit encryption; automatic determination of the cloud storage part size, allowing for large file sizes to be sent without specific configuration, and new clustered transfers which Aspera reported can enable 10 Gbps+ transfers in, out, and between clouds.