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Eyeheight: FCP X conforms to legal view

A new addition to the Eyeheight’s range of video post production conformance plug-ins has been unveiled at IBC. The BroadcastSafeFCPX is a plug-in video legaliser, which Eyeheight said works seamlessly with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X editing software.

BroadcastSafeFCPX enables editors to verify and conform content prior to submission to any file-based quality control system. It can be used to perform composite, RGB, RGB-plus-Y and simultaneous composite-plus-RGB legalising, all with operator-adjustable soft clipping at high and low thresholds.

Eyeheight said the plug-in offered precise chroma-space conversion and accurate limiting which ensured compliance, while keeping the full gamut available for creative use.
Editors can select from an extensive range of presets, or work in custom mode which gives full access to 15 configurable parameters. Facility administrators can assign which built-in presets are available to users, create new presets or disable the custom option to ensure that only approved configurations are implemented.