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Eye-catching colour for grading

The manufacturer of broadcast monitors, rack monitors and LED lights is showcasing the BXM-243T3G, a professional 24-inch LCD monitor for colour grading.

Postium said the monitor employs a high-purity RGB LED backlight LCD panel to reproduce highly accurate colours. The colour depth of the panel is 10 bit, which can reproduce 1.07 billion colours. A 12-bit video processor is incorporated to greatly increase gradation levels, resulting in much smoother and more natural images, said Postium.

The integrated 3D LUT allows for previewing how colours will be reproduced on the final film print. Users can select from colour gamuts such as NTSC, EBU, BT.709, SMPTEC, or D-Cinema.

The BXM-243T3G allows a user to change the Gamma value from 1.0 to 3.0. The BXM-243T3G features Waveform, Vector Scope, UMD/IMD, 16-channel Audio Level Meter, Fast Mode, Advanced PiP, and many other functions.