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Explorer Version 4.0 is under discussion

Version 4.0 of Parabola’s Explorer supports HEVC Range Extensions, including analysis of HDR and WGC metadata. According to the company, Explorer is an essential part of the toolkit of anyone working with HEVC/H.265, claiming that it gives unrivalled insight into inner codec workings via an intuitive user interface backed with powerful, multi-faceted analysis of video bitstreams.

In the hands of video codec engineers, Parabola said Explorer can accelerate development and debugging, while helping to ensure standards compliance. Engineers can be more efficient, and hours wasted to frustrating problems or cumbersome instrumentation are said to be substantially reduced. According to Parabola, Explorer helps teams communicate video bitstream issues visually and is a powerful learning aid for people new to HEVC.

Among its features are the ability to view any syntactic element of the video bitstream from access units right down to CABAC bins and encoded bits and bytes, and to zoom and pan predicted, reconstructed or filtered video frames with overlaid informative graphics layers. Users can also visualise the entire decoder state at any point of the decoding process, and see inter-picture bit distribution and dependencies. Explorer provides what Parabola said is comprehensive bitstream conformance validation against the HEVC standard, and delivering powerful statistical analysis of bitstream feature usage.

Parabola Explorer is offered in two editions: Pro and Essential.