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Experience is key at IBC

The Experience Intelligence (EI) engine for broadcasters and content owners is a key part of Comigo’s IBC showcase this year.

Comigo EI takes what the company describes as “a holistic approach to content and user interaction” and also provides automatic metadata enrichment.

Key elements include EI Cloud, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that is capable of working with any OTT backend. It exposes APIs to any frontend in order to quickly roll out content-related applications and services for viewer engagement. EI Cloud has an open SDK (Software Developers Kit). Another element of EI is WatchApps.

These are HTML5 widgets that are backed by the EI Cloud and enable an enhanced viewing experience through the placement of interactive apps that provide “contextual value” to the viewer, across devices. EI Middleware is Comigo’s software layer for Android-based STBs and TVs. It supports both AOSP and Android TV platforms and is driven by the EI Cloud.

Comigo also offers a full STB option with both hardware and middleware.

The final component of the EI engine is TV Meind which combines Big Data and Deep Learning algorithms with NLP to produce a cloud-based platform that utilises artificial intelligence to enhance TV experiences.