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Experience the Big Screen

By Andy Stout

The IBC Big Screen Experience is one of the many facets of IBC that makes it truly unique, hosted as it is in the 1,700-seat Auditorium which, for the duration of the show, is kitted out with some of the most cutting edge cinema technology available.

This year the kit list features Christie 6P 2D and 3D laser projection and Dolby Atmos immersive audio. The Christie ‘6-Primary’ 4K laser projectors won’t enter mass production until next year, so this will be one of the first places to see one running and witness the additional luminance they bring to cinema projection, particularly in 3D. Dolby Atmos, meanwhile, uses up to 64 speakers to heighten the impact of any scene’s audio and allows sound designers to move the audio round an auditorium to create stunning aural effects.

All this technology will be put to good use too. Not only is the IBC Big Screen Experience home to the vibrant and fast-paced IBC Awards Ceremony, which takes place on the Sunday evening and is free to attend to all show attendees, but it is also home to the Disruptive Cinema strand of the Conference. Subjects to be covered include laser projection, immersive audio, the role of the second screen — if any! — in cinema, the wholesale digitalisation of digital cinema, and much more.

Add in the always-popular complimentary screenings, which are typically Hollywood blockbusters chosen to highlight the power and capabilities of the audio and projection systems, and what is promised to be a ‘significant’ keynote, and you have plenty of reasons to join 1,699 other people at the IBC Big Screen Experience.