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Expanding compliance and automated voicing

A new audio insertion manager for automating text-to-speech conversion was launched at IBC2016. Prominently designed to deliver clear and concise emergency alert audio to visually impaired audiences, the compact 1RU system also brings lifelike sound to automated audio content on primary TV channels.

The new AIM-100 audio insertion monitors incoming XML or TXT files from news tickers and other master control systems, and prioritizes and converts that information to audio. ENCO’s built-in automation intelligence delivers the audio in a natural sounding, non-fragmented human voice. All information is precisely logged and time-stamped to prove compliance.

The product is an expansion of ENCO’s compliance product range for TV broadcasters, joining the enCaption automated closed captioning system among other tools. However, the AIM-100’s flexibility as an audio insertion manager extends to other broadcast needs in the automated workflow, enhancing its value for TV stations and networks, said the company.