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EVS: Revolutionising live multimedia platforms

As media formats increase, budgets tighten and quality demands grow, so too do the challenges of live production. Highly effective production asset management tools are essential, and will continue to feature prominently. Since 2006, EVS has led the industry in the design of Live Production Asset Management (Live PAM) tools for live and fast-turnaround productions.

Today’s EVS Live PAM suite, based on IPDirector integrated asset management, including IPBrowse content access tool and C-Cast Xplore web-browsing interface for immediate access to live multi-camera recording feeds, enable content access, control and delivery – when and where it matters.

Continuing innovation around four key technical priorities – metadata management, post production integration, archive exchange and remote connectivity – enables the most advanced collaborative workflows while guaranteeing the instant content control and ultra-reliability required in highly demanding live environments.

We’re working to support our customers’ transition towards video-over-IP technology, allowing them to benefit from significant flexibility in networked technology without comprising on the highest reliability standard in broadcast. We’re also striving to create synergy between our enriched live video production systems and innovative technology developed by DYVI Live, which has designed a distributed, IT-based, frame accurate, live production switcher that allows production teams to access and manage all of their content in realtime – and from anywhere in the world.

EVS has always been first to respond to new formats and protocols made available through software upgrades. Whether implementing the first 4K replay, innovating around IP-compliant tools or introducing breakthrough remote production capabilities, we’re focused on delivering cutting edge production systems that are compliant with new and emerging standards and formats.

EVS is setting new rules that enable broadcasters and content owners to address new viewing behaviours for the consumption of live programmes. Based on our cloud-based technology, we’re developing the ultimate generation of live multimedia distribution tools and services that many broadcasters successfully experienced during this year’s FIFA World Cup (through the implementation of host broadcaster HBS). It’s no longer just about capturing, creating and distributing content to the TV screen, it’s about reaching consumers with an enhanced content experience on any of their connected screens – whenever and wherever they might be.

We’re developing solutions so that content owners can maximise the value of their media and satisfy the needs of today’s connected consumers. Our objective is to deliver technology that enables faster and highly efficient production, management and distribution of content in a live or fast-turnaround setting to deliver on three key goals:

l Enhanced programme quality through enriched media, better content selection, and higher standards
l Increased distribution and quicker access to media content for connected production teams and audiences
l Improved production efficiencies due to accelerated data and content processing

We’re all faced with a changing media world that requires both the refinement of current tools and standards and the creation of entirely new ones. Success for solution providers and our customers is a path that combines both of these realities.