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Evolution of monitoring ecosystem

Video service operators are using data to drive processes across their organisations and reaping great benefits as a result says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO, Agama Technologies.

We are experiencing a shift in our industry. Video service operators are acting on the insight that the massive amounts of data collected by modern monitoring solutions can be transformed into information that can benefit their whole operation.

This information is just too valuable to remain locked up in a purely technical context. It is now being used to support everything, from daily operational processes to strategic decision making.

By widely using this information in data-driven processes, operators can make big gains in service quality, efficiency and customer understanding.

To enable this expanded use, it is necessary to move from narrowly focused monitoring systems to widely usable support solutions.

These support solutions need to be able to analyse and adapt information to a level and format suitable for consumption by several user groups.

Head-end engineers; first-line customer care agents; and managers planning new service offerings all have different needs. Even if it is fundamentally derived from the same basic data, each requires varying information presented in multiple formats to create different insights.

Apart from supporting several user groups and processes, these solutions also need other technical characteristics.

Scalability is necessary, not only in the number of monitoring locations and in the amount of data collected, but also in terms of the number of supported users in the system.

It is also important that the solutions can be integrated with the ecosystem of the OSS and BSS solutions that the operator utilises; that the solution can work with data from existing third party systems; and, that it can export refined information for continued use in external solutions.

At Agama Technologies we embrace this shift. For several years we have been promoting a holistic and customer-centric approach and strived to empower various parts of the operators’ operations by supplying relevant information and driving awareness and insights.

We will continue to drive this development with a clear focus on customer centricity and supporting data-driven processes.

We are convinced that great value can be realised by operators with this approach. It should enable them to reduce OPEX, improve customer satisfaction and, consequently, reduce churn.

As the next step in this development we at Agama are launching the next generation of our solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics of video service quality and customer experience in time for IBC2015.

This new generation of the solution is a major step towards a true support solution and it enables new possibilities for utilising our solution across operator processes.

For more information and to learn how support solutions from Agama can improve your service quality, efficiency and customer understanding.