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Evertz: Kabel Deutschland link

Kabel Deutschland has chosen Evertz Software Defined Video Network (SDVN), featuring 46Tb/s EXE Video Service Routers. Evertz said the EXE routers would be used to transition Kabel Deutschland’s uncompressed high-quality video routing to a future-proof IP network-based architecture, without compromising quality, reliability or resiliency.

The company said that by deploying two EXE routers along with SMPTE2022-6-compliant Evertz high-density 570IP-Gateway/IP encapsulator modules, Kabel Deutschland extends its uncompressed video routing capacities by the factor of 10.

The move also bridges the gap between the company’s video and IT-networks as the EXE routing core is completely network based and therefore format-agnostic. It can thus transport uncompressed video streams of multiple current and future standards such as UHD.