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Eutelsat and SES link for 4K boost

SES and Eutelsat, normally tough competitors, are linking in an “industry wide Future Video Initiative” to promote next-generation video technology.

The announcement is designed to support existing initiatives and standards but also to increase the reach of HD and UHD “with the highest quality” and including interactive services. The initiative also wants to see satellite services received on all large and small screens, “and in public spaces”.

“Through this initiative, we want to send a clear signal to the industry and public that we need to drive digitalisation and the evolution of our broadcast-broadband ecosystems,” said Karim Michel Sabbagh and Michel de Rosen, CEOs of SES and Eutelsat Communications, respectively. “The Future Video Initiative is open to all stakeholders and is a catalyst for digital development.” SES/Eutalsat 1.D59, 1.B51