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Eutelsat-compliant feed introduced

A new hybrid mode Eutelsat-compliant Ku Tx/Rx feed assembly has been introduced due to customer demand, said Elite Antennas. With a two-port Ku band feed design said to be suitable for Elite and other manufacturers’ satcom antennas, it is designed for linear polarisation Ku band signals across all Ku satcom transmit and receive bands (10.5 – 14.5 GHz).

The feed assembly design is claimed to provide excellent cross polar performance and very low side lobe levels when combined with a suitable reflector.

Elite said that the feed is designed for use with its range of prime focus reflectors, providing efficient illumination and ‘outstanding’ overall performance. The modular design allows for different f/D values that can be designed to suit the customers’ particular requirements.

The OMT is optimised to give superior return loss over the Super Extended Ku band (10.5 – 14.5 GHz).

The company claimed that the isolation is particularly excellent and can be increased further with a transmit
reject filter.

The hybrid mode feed design provides nearly equal beamwidths to more efficiently illuminate a reflector. Elite said this has the benefit of providing a higher cross polar isolation compared to a standard feed.