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ETRI: Audio clarity for public TV

What is the point of TV in public venues like rail stations or airports if you cannot hear the audio properly? Prototype technology could mean that audio accompaniments to video in noisy environments can now be heard clearly via remote wireless audio.

Dubbed by its Korean inventors as e-odi◎k, the audio delivery system works over Wi-Fi base-connected to the audio output terminal of the TV. The user is required to install the e-odi◎k app on their smartphone.

“You might be able to watch the sound of the TV clearly in noisy environments, to apply simultaneous interpretation services in conference centres, or tourist guide services without expensive equipment,” explained Dr Sung-Hoon Kim of ETRI’s Realistic Broadcasting Media Research Department. In addition, the service can be used at home via headphones.

Conventional techniques such as wireless headphones using the radio frequency or Bluetooth, demand a receiver, a dedicated transmission device special is required, and, says ETRI, you will not be able to provide services to a large number of users at the same time.

With its technology it is possible to connect a dongle device to TVs and by way of the app e-odi◎k means its possible to provide a service to large numbers of users, changing our infotainment in outside places.