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ETC: Colour change for LED lighting

The new x7 Color System from ETC offers the ability to easily adjust the colour in Source Four LED, recently released Source Four LED Series 2, and Selador Desire LED luminaires. In Studio Mode, colour temperatures for all colour-changing and variable-white Source Four LED luminaires can be set anywhere between 2700K and 6500K, while a green adjustment – operated from the button panel on the back of each luminaire or from the lighting control desk – ensures the fixtures can be fine tuned to studio cameras.

A High 25K flicker-free mode can also be implemented to stop the flickering that is commonly seen when LEDs are used with high-speed and rolling shutter cameras. This can be switched on either from the control desk or from the fixture’s button panel.
The Source Four LED CYC adapter turns that light into a cyclorama light, bringing smooth, silent colour changing to cycs, with no visible gaps or seams between beams.

Also on show is the ETC Unison Paradigm control system, which provides the tools to allow presenters, technicians and camera operators to control lighting in all studio situations. It has been used in an increasing number of remote studios, including at BBC News’ Westminster studios, where the presenter or reporter can operate the small studio’s lighting from a touch panel on the desk, out of sight of the camera.