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Ericsson: Intelligent use of encoding resources

The latest version of a software product designed to solve many of the issues and complexities operators face today in multi-platform, multiscreen TV delivery is being launched at IBC. Ericsson Virtualized Encoding is the product, and Ericsson is demonstrating how it believes this software solution provides an intelligent utilisation of multiple encoding resources, regardless of the primary platform.

Ericsson Virtualized Encoding is claimed to be the only product on the market capable of providing best-in-class compression performance, irrespective of the platforms chosen to run the algorithms. Ericsson is discussing with visitors how it is designed to ensure the best picture quality, using a single interface for deployment velocity and a single abstraction layer for all service creation, thus removing the complexity from video delivery. A single API also allows for easy web-based control or simple and consistent integration into an operator’s ecosystem.

The company is also showing how Ericsson Virtualized Encoding has the ability to encode in MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC, to enable the delivery of services ranging from SD to higher quality and differentiating services such as HD and up to “true” 4K UHDTV at 60p and 10-bit precision. Ericsson is also discussing how operators can prepare for the rollout of the maturing HEVC compression standard.

“Ericsson Virtualized Encoding provides the migration capabilities to deploy new services at any time without causing disruption — from SD right through to 4K quality,” said Dr. Giles Wilson, head of TV Compression, Ericsson (pictured). “This gives TV service providers a huge advantage at a time when consumer demands are evolving so quickly and there are enormous pressures to respond with newer, better services.”