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Entry-level 4K 35mm cine zoom lens

Fujinon’s versatile new XK6x20 PL-mount zoom lens offers high optical performance and low distortion, using high-precision large-diameter aspherical elements, compatible with 4K or UHD cameras and covers a wide focal length range from 20mm to 120mm.

The 2.4kg XK6x20 comes with a detachable drive unit (bringing the weight to 2.9kg) for powered zooming and focusing, and features a 0.8mm gear pitch for compatibility with standard cine accessories. It has a 9-blade round iris mechanism enabling natural bokeh in images, plus a macro function for shooting as close as 40cm from the sensor plane (11cm from front lens).

It covers S35-size sensors (24.84mm x 13.97mm), delivers T3.5 brightness throughout the entire zoom range, and is designed to offer comfortable operation.

It joins Fujinon’s two existing PL-mount Cine Zoom Series (the flagship HK and lightweight ZK ranges, each of which has four zoom lenses), and is colour matched to the other lenses. Whereas the existing lenses are aimed primarily at movies, or high-end productions, the new XK series will be aimed at more budget-conscious productions.

“It has been geared towards 4K cameras in the entry-level segment like the Sony FS7,” said Orlander-Oliver Beckles, of Fujifilm’s Optical Devices Department.

The XK6x20, which costs €16,000, has just started shipping,

“Even if we are still in the early stages, we can say that the new XK6x20 lens model is a success,” said Beckles. “Once established, we believe that it will become one of our most popular and top-selling lens models.”