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Enhanced Connex makes drone connection

The recently-introduced Connex zero-latency wireless video link for drones has received software and hardware upgrades at IBC, including support for a greater variety of gimbals, remote controllers and flight controller telemetry devices as well as improvements to the on-screen display and compatibility with other 5GHz transmitters on the drone.

A newly implemented configurable Fail-Safe mechanism further adds to the system’s safety and reliability. The enhanced Connex is being demonstrated by pilots flying a variety of drones in a specially designed flying cage on the Amimon stand, and Connex will also be exhibiting in the
IBC Drone Zone (0.CS1) at 14.30 on Saturday and at 11.00 on Monday.

“We developed Connex to increase content creation capabilities for broadcasters and other drone users, and these enhancements build on that mission, giving creative and production professions more options than ever before,” said Ram Ofir, CEO, Amimon. “With the fast growth of drone use, we are extremely aware of safety concerns and continue to address these with new safety features as well.”

Amimon 11.C75