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At the end of the day

IBC is the most comprehensive, informative and cosmopolitan event in the broadcasting and media calendar. So it is appropriate that it takes place in Amsterdam, one of the most cosmopolitan and welcoming cities in the world.

Whether you are looking for fine dining or simpler fare; calm and tranquillity or wild nightlife; high culture or the excitement of the streets, you will find it all in Amsterdam. Even better, Amsterdam is an easy city to get around, however you want to travel.

There are good restaurants within walking distance of the RAI, and the city centre has numerous places to eat and drink. All IBC visitors receive a pass for free travel on buses, trams and metros within the city, 24 hours a day, Friday 11 September to Tuesday 15 September. IBC Info Points will help you with route maps.

The centre of the city is easy to explore on foot, but you might want to join one of the city’s most famous traditions – bikes. Amsterdam has more bikes than people, and there are plenty of places to rent, including near the RAI station.

Late at night, or to get to out of the way locations, you may want to take a taxi. They are in plentiful supply, and there is a rank outside the RAI. The narrow city streets make hailing a cab impractical, but there are ranks at all the popular areas.

Be sure you get in a licensed cab. It will have a meter. Rates for a four passenger cab are around €3 to hire, plus about €2 a kilometre travelled. The meter will print out a receipt. The general advice for tipping taxi drivers is just a couple of euros, and certainly no more than 10%, unless you have enjoyed exceptional service.

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