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Emergency update for digital radio

ContentServer R6 technology is being debuted in Hall 8. Fraunhofer claims this is a revolutionary step in encoding and multiplexing for the terrestrial digital radio standards DAB and DRM. R6 enhances the established predecessor technology ContentServer R5 and supports IP-based remote control and operation

Support for Emergency Warning Functionality (EWF) is an integral part of the ContentServer R6 release. By combining existing core features of the digital radio standards, it enables authorities to alert the public in the event of disasters with audio and detailed multilingual text instructions on standard digital radio sets.

Other highlights include a new monitoring system that closely controls all system functions including all IP-based provision lines. The system offers full support for the latest DRM features, including MPEG xHE-AAC audio coding. There’s also local backup audio encoding in cases of failing external audio provision and advanced data provision (JSON API) and AES67 audio-over-IP support.

Also supported is Extended STI-C, a solution for regionalised DAB networks where all common programs are autonomously encoded/scheduled by a central service multiplexer and simultaneously fed to all regional ensemble multiplexers.