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Eliminating guesswork in archiving

Large collections of unique 16mm historical broadcast material are still stored on traditional film rolls – in response, Cube-Tec has introduced a new product that undertakes inspections without any need for preliminary film cleaning and physical restoration.

Tom Lorenz, managing partner, Cube-Tec, said: “Up until now, it was guesswork to predict the effort for the migration of these carrier collections. The selection of the appropriate scanner technique depends heavily on the photographic and mechanical condition, as well as on the content itself.”

The new Quadriga•Film Examiner includes what Cube-Tec claimed to be unique inventions in sensor technology, and a tension controlled film movement that avoids the use of a capstan drive and sprocket wheels, thus minimising the stress on fragile archive film.

The Quadriga software measures and classifies the photochemical and mechanical attributes of the film. It can, said the company, distinguish between superimposed and surface damage by using a newly developed, patent pending, surface diagnostic sensor as well as a picture analysis technique.

Quadriga also documents the condition of splices, perforation damage and picture instabilities, together with shrinkage and optical density time series plots in a detailed quality report.