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Elemental Technologies: Delta gets IBC launch

A new video delivery platform that is said to help content owners and distributors add new time-shifted services, reduce distribution costs and more precisely manage content in multiscreen delivery deployments is being launched by Elemental Technologies at IBC.

The company says that Elemental Delta has undergone extensive testing, with initial customers including major telco, OTT, broadcast, satellite and mobile operators in the US, Europe and Middle East.

Elemental Delta supports multiscreen delivery of advanced live-to-VoD services such as catch-up TV, start-over TV and nPVR, combining just-in-time packaging, origin services, intelligent caching, dynamic ad insertion and replacement, and end-to-end encrypted content protection functions in a single platform. The platform is designed to reduce multiscreen system complexity with the ability to transform any input into any output for high-quality, secure video delivery. The IP video delivery solution is claimed to lower storage, bandwidth and transit costs and help content providers mitigate distribution expense by taking ownership of greater portions of the delivery infrastructure.

“Increased demand for mobile content and apps is due to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets,” wrote Vincent Fu, principal research analyst and Akshay Sharma, research director for Gartner. “These devices, with their advanced multimedia capabilities, are driving the rapid consumption of dynamic and rich mobile content, such as streaming HD video and access to the cloud. The surge in mobile users accessing more dynamic content on various devices poses a key performance issue, such as slow response times and higher level of packet loss due to the nature of the unreliable mobile network environment.”

“This necessitates a new class of video delivery infrastructure, such as Elemental Delta,” said Aslam Khader, chief product officer for Elemental (pictured), “that is specifically architected for multiscreen content delivery and emerging, value-add live-to-VoD services.”